Insights from the 2024 International Semiconductor Conference

Read our summary on the pathways to success panel discussion

In March, the Global Semiconductor Alliance hosted an event in London in partnership with the UK Government’s Department for Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT). A broad range of topics were covered, focusing on the impact of semiconductor innovation in anticipation of a NetZero economy, the latest semiconductor industry trends and the surrounding global economic and geopolitical situation.

One of these conversations was led by the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), which hosted a panel discussion on the pathways to success for women with moderator Giulietta Poltronieri (McKinsey & Company). Our board chair, Janet Collyer, was one of the panellists together with Catherine Ramsdale (Pragmatic), Paul Williamson (Arm) and Frédérique Le Grèves (STMicroelectronics).

At the start, the dialogue centered around male allyship. The biggest piece of advice was to not make assumptions. The best way to become an ally is to ask women what they want in the workplace, and to talk it through with them. It’s also important to make suggestions of what could help, and be transparent when relevant jobs become available regardless of location or work hours.

“Be kind to yourself. If someone offers you something, take it even if your hand is trembling as you do it. Go for it.” This is a snippet of Janet’s advice to the audience, which was echoed throughout the panel. It’s clear that women can be hard on themselves and fear taking the next step in their career, but only by taking a chance can you succeed further.

Towards the end of the session there was an interesting question from the audience about the lack of women setting up businesses in the UK, and what men can do to help. As Frédérique points out, there is unconscious bias from investors who unfortunately hesitate to invest in a female-led company. Janet agreed, but as she says “No one wants to get a job because they’re a woman, they just want the chance to be considered and put themselves forward.” We cannot see a change if someone doesn’t take the first step, so don’t be afraid to ask one more question or make one more phone call to find the right person for the job. This isn’t limited to semiconductor companies either; a change is needed across every industry and discipline.

To listen to the entire session, watch the recording here .

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Insights from the 2024 International Semiconductor Conference

Read our summary on the pathways to success panel discussion

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