The Discovery Platform

Harnessing the power of machine learning to accelerate discovery.

Strip away the complexity. Discover more.

The Discovery Platform makes working with simulations as easy as filling out a simple form. Its Neural Network engine provides the acceleration you need to explore the entire design space.
  • Simplify

    Easily manage complex collaborative projects across large teams and millions of simulations. Run simulations in the cloud or on any of your own resources with the click of a button.
  • Predict

    Create high-accuracy Neural Network emulators with minimal simulation data using the platform’s intelligent data sampling system. Predict new behaviour in a fraction of a second.
  • Optimise

    Choose your target for optimisation and allow the platform to automatically select the best algorithm and parameters. Leverage our emulation technology to explore the entire space with orders-of-magnitude acceleration.
Simply describe the problem and let the platform handle finding the solution.
Adding your simulator to the platform is a painless task — you only need to describe how to run your simulation once. Armed with this information, the platform can:
  • Optimise designs for a custom objective
  • Obtain robust sensitivities and error bars with statistical sampling
  • Generate an emulator of your simulator to enable exploration of the entire design space
  • Track the results across jobs and resources with live updating, customisable metrics, and visualisations.

One platform. Unlimited possibilities.

The Discovery Platform is already impacting research and industry.


Fusion researchers are pushing simulation technology to its limits. The Discovery Platform is enabling them to design and optimise game-changing systems by:
  • Dramatically simplifying running Particle-In-Cell simulations
  • Opening up collaborations between designers of different reactor components
  • Massively accelerating high-complexity numerical calculations


Ever-increasing design complexity is a growing challenge across the semiconductor industry. The Discovery platform is meeting the needs of companies at the bleeding edge by:
  • Interfacing directly with major commercial SPICE simulators
  • Automating the data collection process for circuit analysis
  • Delivering Neural Network emulation to predict complex circuit performance with the click of a button


Scientists at the forefront of research are facing multiple challenges, from greater specialisation hindering communication to an increasing need for computational power. The Discovery Platform is making an impact by:
  • Enabling reliable result reproduction across groups through containerisation
  • Tackling the proliferation of small research scripts with an easy-to-use, unified interface
  • Providing simple access to advanced statistical tools to analyse and interpret experimental results.